Dollar Tree bucket

Once I got rolling with the fabric scraps and Stiffy (from my previous post) I could not stop. In addition to finding the cardboard box I also found three little buckets purchased at the Dollar Tree this summer. I decided to attack them too. They had handles but I ripped the handle off of this one with pliers. The great thing about Dollar Tree quality buckets is that even I can rip the handle off. I used the same fabric scraps on all three buckets, but I love the trim I used on this first bucket the most.

The second bucket I filled with goodies from Feastivities (www.feastivitiesinc.com) and sent to our new first grade teacher. She deserves a treat after surviving the first week of school.

The third bucket I have not finished yet, but it is going to be a Halloween bucket. Hopefully I will finish it between now and October 31st.

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