Somerset Life

I am so excited to report that my embellished bottles were featured in the most recent edition of Somerset Life. This is one of my favorite magazines and I can't believe that I am in it. I love the Somerset Publications. I actually started blogging after purchasing Artful Blogging.



  1. HI! I just recently bought this issue of Somerset Life, and that brought me to your lovely blog! Your art is beautiful--the handbags in your recent post are lovely--congratulations on being published! If it's not too much trouble, could you let me know where you got the metal "thanks" embellishment that you put on your bottles? I can't find anything like that anywhere and thought I'd like to make a similar bottle to thank my sister for a recent trip I took to visit her. I found bottles at JoAnn fabrics, but I can't find the "thanks" sentiments. Your bottles are so clever and pretty--Thank you--have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you! The "thanks" embellishments were made by Making Memories. They no longer make that particular one, but they do have a colored enamel set. I would google it. Thanks again. I hope that this helps!



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