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The picture of the necklace in my banner was a necklace I made and submitted to Belle Armoire Jewelry. It is a full page in their current issue. I absolutely love the Stampington publications. They are coming out with more and more publications all the time. I actually started my blog as a result of their Artful Blogging magazine. I fell in love with the pictures and the idea of it all. They gave step by step instructions in the back on what to do to start your blog and so I did.

I also LOVE their Where Women Create magazine. If I ever get my act together and take pictures of my basement, I would love to submit them to the magazine and see if that goes anywhere.

I am especially excited about their new publication Where Women Cook. I loved the first issue and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. It comes out on March 1st.

Although these magazines are a little pricey, they are worth it to me. I splurge. I recently saw on someone's blog that they found them at Costco for a 30% savings. I may need to join Costco.


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