Valentine's Craft Night

post signatureIt has been two years since I have posted.  Yikes!  Where does the time go?  Yes it is now July 12, 2015 and I am posting about something that happened in February.  However, it was February of 2015!  I hosted a "Make and Take" Craft Night and I loved every minute of it.  Hopefully, before the summer is over, I will host another fun-filled evening of creating and making new friends!  Stay tuned!




Chalkboards and Perler Beads

My chalkboard collection has expanded! 
Here is our latest "Back to School" addition. 
 I couldn't help but add these three perler bead hearts. 
Perler beads were such a big part of our summer!

 A variety of chalkboard seasons... 
Oh how I longed for this snowman weather today!


Garage Sale Treasure

I am still not really sure what this is or ever was, but I scooped it up one Saturday at a garage sale.  I envisioned it with a cake on it ...
Meanwhile, I painted it, distressed it and found a home for it.
The Almost Christian book under the cloche is quite interesting.  The title of the book is based on a John Wesley sermon that is also worth reading.


Photo Booth

Hilarious!  I miss hanging out with these boys all day.
I was in charge of carnival games for a church event this summer, so I put together a photo booth.
What I didn't realize is that my boys would have so much fun with this box of photo booth options at home.  We laughed and laughed.  I still laugh every time I look at these pictures.
I borrowed a friend's Costco card and had the pictures blown up to 12 by 12s and 12 by 18s.  Those sizes are difficult to find elsewhere.  Plus, Costco was cost effective.    I cut some scraps of bead board in the garage to the correct size and then just adhered the pictures with double stick tape.

My son made this sign.  Who doesn't love bacon?  The heart is made out of perler beads.  We love perler beads!


Love to Paint...

I love painting scriptures and knowing that God's word does not return void...knowing that His word never changes... knowing that His word does not just inform us but has the power to transform us!
 I especially loved painting these three canvases for a college freshman's dorm. room.  I loved thinking about how she would go to sleep reading His word and wake with these verses above her head...loved thinking about those who would come into her room and read these verses...

Would they enter hopeless and overwhelmed?...Would they know about the enduring love of God?...
Dear Lord, please use these three simple canvases with your powerful, unchanging, life transforming truths on them to make a difference in a college dormitory!



Personalized Clay Creations

I just made this bracelet as a graduation gift. 
Personalization opens up a whole new door of possibilities.
Sweet and Simple Personalized Necklace!


Hospitality..."a matter of the heart"

I recently made the H-O-M-E letters below.  I used my old fence posts to make the squares and a variety of materials I had in the basement to make the letters. 

Speaking of homes... I love this post on hospitality!
"... no matter how much you clean or remodel or move or rebuild, hospitality will always be more a matter of the heart than the architecture.
And your guests will only feel as comfortable in your house as you feel in your own skin."



Souper Gifts

Inexpensive gift wrap starts with a soup can. 
Gift bags these days can really set you back...
Why not save money and the earth at the same time? 
I hot glued a piece of scrapbook paper around the can and let the embellishing begin! 
You do need to make sure that you bend down any jagged metal edge left after removing the lid with the can opener.  I take my pliers and firmly flatten that little piece left where the lid finally comes off. 
No matter how cute the can is...it would really be a downer to draw blood from the recipient of your gift.
 I dropped a necklace in some tissue paper and popped it in the can.  These were our end of the year teacher gifts. 
Now the teacher can use the can for pencils on her desk!
The gift that keeps on giving...


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