Photo Booth

Hilarious!  I miss hanging out with these boys all day.
I was in charge of carnival games for a church event this summer, so I put together a photo booth.
What I didn't realize is that my boys would have so much fun with this box of photo booth options at home.  We laughed and laughed.  I still laugh every time I look at these pictures.
I borrowed a friend's Costco card and had the pictures blown up to 12 by 12s and 12 by 18s.  Those sizes are difficult to find elsewhere.  Plus, Costco was cost effective.    I cut some scraps of bead board in the garage to the correct size and then just adhered the pictures with double stick tape.

My son made this sign.  Who doesn't love bacon?  The heart is made out of perler beads.  We love perler beads!

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