Picture Frames

Aren't those two of the cutest soccer players you have ever seen?I love the scarecrow charm on this frame.

What a great picture frame for your annual pumpkin patch picture.

I just finished up these picture frames. The football frame is for my nephew's room and the others will end up at Chiffoniers. I love the scarecrow charm on the "Pumpkins" frame so I gave you a close-up. I am hoping to make frames for pictures with Santa too.


  1. Those are the cutest frames! Especially the football one..you konw me..I LOVE it (and the pic in it..Go ESD Eagles)!!! You continue to amaze me! Love ya! Suzanne

  2. How did you make those frames, they are adorable. Please I need to know I want to make a couple for family. Please do share. Thanks,



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