Fall at Feastivities

Well all three boys were at a school and Mother's Day Out yesterday, so I had a chance to run up to Feastivities and unload some fall merchandise. There is a little bit of everything. I have candles, journals, plates, frames, baskets, candy corns and on an on. It feels good to have some of it out of the house. Hopefully I will get a chance to run up to Chiffoniers this weekend. I will keep you posted.

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  1. oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with your blog!!! you are so amazingly talented.
    found your blog thru shabby creations(she just did a site for me). I haven't yet seen where you are located.. are your products for sale or are they just at fairs/festivals? I would LOVE some..any.. everything!! LOL
    let me know if you have a site for purchasing or something . thanks!



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