Handmade Holidays

I have been inspired by so many blogs lately. One particular blog I have grown to love is the Nester. She is currently encouraging us all to have a "handmade holiday" and support creative women who make unique items rather than shop the mega "made in China" stores. I have listed my site on her blog along with many other talented women. Check it out and buy handmade this year!


  1. Love your happy birthday plates!

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. PS, since this blog is all about your shop and not all sorts of stuff, you are welcome to relink to the blog in general instead of this particular post that way people can see what you do!

    I just didn't want people to link to their personal blog in general and then tomorrow if someone clicks on it they read a post about what they had for breakfast!

    If you want to go back and relink again, I'll delete the old link!
    Up to you!



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