Friends Turning 40

One of my dear friends turned 40 last week. I have always loved the blessing rings, so I made my own version for her. I used her initial to hang our cards, pictures, crystal charms, a "40" and much more from. It was fun to make.

She was a cutie.

Happy 40th Juliet!

I realized as we celebrated Juliet that I never posted Cathy's 40th Celebration.
For Cathy's I made a journal with "40 things that we love about Cathy!" Too bad she wasn't turning 100 because we easily came up with more than 40 things that we love about her.
Cathy was a cutie too!



  1. I'm so happy to have made the blog!

  2. You are THE MOST CREATIVE person I know. For reals! I wish I could live in your brain for a minute.

  3. Thank you! That means a lot coming from one of THE MOST CREATIVE people I know(also the most popular blogger I know).



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