If I ever see another piece of bubble wrap again it will be too soon. I am getting really good at moving and painting. Many of you know that we moved into a new house (and painted every room) five months ago. Well now Glazed from the Heart has moved out of Chiffoniers and into The Shops at Brownstone Village in Arlington. It was a very hard decision to make, but I did it and I am excited for you to visit my new space at The Brownstone. My space was originally bright purple and I painted it "Truffle" brown. I finally got everything up on the wall today with the exception of my Glazed from the Heart plates. That is why there is a big empty spot at the top of the wall. Come by and see me. They have a Mexican food restaurant, a hair salon and tons of cute stuff. Check out the website and see what they have going in September on their "Social Calendar."



  1. Hey Sharon,
    This is awesome! The Brownstone is very close to my house so when you have my shoe ready I can maybe pick it up there. I will definitely come by and see your stuff.

    Emily Pfaff

  2. Sounds great! I should have the shoe ready by the beginning of next week. Thanks!

  3. I was there on Thursday for lunch at El Gabacho with my parents. It looks great!

  4. Thanks! I still have not eaten at the restaurant.



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