Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was blessed to be able to renovate my kitchen this summer. This was one of the projects that was recently completed in my kitchen.

Here is the before picture of my built-in kitchen cabinet.
First, I took down the wallpaper, textured and painted around the cabinet.

Second, I had panels and molding added to all of the doors and drawers.Third, I painted the entire cabinet black, distressed and antiqued it.
Wow! What a difference that made!

Fourth, I had a custom stainless steel piece made to cover the nasty old painted wood counter top.

Fifth, I replaced all of the hardware.
I love it!!!

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  1. Amazing. I think that You can store all appliance in this cabinets. I like most white cabinet which is really fascinate. I am impress to see your work.

  2. I would really like to do something similar in my bathroom. The wood in there is that rubbed white wood which can't be touched up. It is all dinged and chipping. I don't want to have to strip it completely (no time-have a 6 month old and work full time. I would like to know how you distress wood and how you antique it. Would you mind sharing with me? Thank you so much- your cabinet is amazing!

    -Dana (Lubbock, TX)

  3. If you are looking to uproot your entire kitchen and start renovation from scratch, your choice of kitchen cabinet, is the most important one you can make.



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