Jesus Calling

I received a new devotional book this year from my sweet aunt. Read this post about it. Kerith's "sweet mother-in-law" is also my sweet aunt. I love this devotional book. I have really been enjoying it and highly recommend it! It comes in two different looks. The top one is what I have and the bottom one has a pretty leather cover. Just thought I would let you know in case you are on the lookout. I actually found the leather cover option at Walmart. I snatched up the last one they had and I've already given it to a friend who is also loving it! I ran to Lifeway today to grab some for graduation gifts and they were on sale. The leather cover is a couple dollars more.

I also purchased the children's version and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to discuss with the boys what we are all reading/learning/applying... I ordered this on Amazon. I love the cover too!

Let me know what you think if you end up buying it!


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