To Blog or Not to Blog...

All is well. Sorry to not have posted in so long. I am obviously hot or cold on this whole blog thing. I have almost scrapped the blog many times, but then I am glad I didn't. It just seems like one more thing I don't get to. Needless to say, it is at the bottom of my priority list, but I really do enjoy keeping up with you all and documenting what I have made... Since I last posted my camera was dropped and broken, but now it is repaired. Anyone living in Fort Worth needing a good and reasonably priced camera repairman can contact me and I will give you his number. We have switched to AT-n-T U-verse which left me without internet for over a week. Anyone considering that switch can contact me and I can give you an ear full...
Now that I have internet and a working camera, I will try to post what I have been up to lately. I ran into Feastivities and noticed that a lot of my Easter merchandise has sold. I am planning on running more up there this week. Lots of cute stuff. I love the spring and Easter!!!
This canvas and several others are there too.


  1. Glad you are posting again. You give inspiration to those that need it, me included. Welcome back.

  2. Glad you are back! My daughter dropped her camera and the screen broke. Can your person fix that? If so, will you email me his info...my email is emilypfaff@sbcglobal.net




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