Kitchen Love

Fresh flowers in my kitchen! It doesn't get much better!
FREE stuff on the curb transformed into a kitchen island. Ok-even better than fresh flowers in my kitchen because now I have something to put my flowers on!

I love my pretty little chandelier over the kitchen sink. It gives off the same amount of light as a night light. Although it may not be practical, it is beautiful!!!
Love my corner cabinet. A friend recommended I cut out the interior of the cabinet and replace it with glass. I love it. I only did this with one cabinet door. No one wants to see the mess behind the rest of my cabinets doors.

Old countertop on its way out! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!
New Kashmir White granite on its way in! Yahooooooo!

Check out the difference. I forgot to take a picture with the old sink and dishwasher. I love the way the granite arches behind my new faucet and my new window ledges.

These shelves replaced the wasted space where the mirror is in the picture below.

New window ledge! Love it!

Pretty soap from TJ Maxx.
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  1. I love the Island, well done!! xox

  2. Love your kitchen..it turned out so nice.
    What a find for your island.

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