I was prompted to blog when I saw Jennifer's invitation to her garden tour link party.

I have been really busy working in the yard so I decided to join the party.

I glued teacups to some old chair legs I had.  They can be bird feeders, but mine are unfortunately breeding cups for mosquitoes right now.  They look really great though.

The pool officially opened Memorial Day.

I am absolutely loving pinterest!  The incredibly beat up piece below was about to be put on the curb when suddenly it became a treasure due to some "pinspiration."  Put flowers in the drawers! Wow, I never would have thought of that one!
Here is a great link party with numerous ideas and inspiration for redoing furniture.  This piece simply had too much water damage as you can see from the warped wood on top.  A can of spray paint and some sand paper was not the answer for this one...
The chalk board was once a mirror.

I am always acquiring old chairs.  Here is one of many ways I use them.

I just hinged old shutters together to make this arbor.

Here is yet another pinterest idea I used.  I hammered old spoons until they were flat and then I dipped them in chalkboard paint.  Check out this link party for other great ideas.


  1. wow! what a fantastic yard you have!

  2. So adorable- I just love all the little unique and personal touches! Love the spoon markers and the plants on the ladder and in the drawers. Plus the arbor with old shutters looks amazing. :)

  3. it's lovely. all of it. i love the flowers in the drawers. one day, my backyard will be void of plastic playthings...

    your lit pergola will be shown to the husband. :)

    sharing your garden at pinterest.

  4. This looks beautiful! I love your pool area too :-)

  5. I so love that vanity turned outdoor garden planter. I am so sad, I literally took something to the dump today that was similar. It really was beyond, beyond. I had canabalized the drawers and everything else I could from it. I could have turned the scratched awful mirror into a chalkboard and done something where the drawers were for plants! Next time! Love, love, love all the "junque" in your yard. You have my style!

  6. Your whole garden is delightful but especially your vanity turned potting bench and chalkboard is so darling!

  7. Can I say WWWOOOWWW???!!!!
    I am going to become your follower RIGHT NOW!!!
    I loved your garden, your ideas, your sense of humor (mosquitoes bath, LOL)! I LOVE that you incorporate so any beautiful words in your decor, this is BEAUTIFUL! I was almost asleep and saw your dresser featured at Miss Mustard Seed and came to check it out!
    I am now ALERT!!! Your fault, LOL! Blessings! Your newest follower!

  8. I love how you repurpose furniture into your garden! I've recently done the same thing as well and now two old chairs, freshly painted, are perfect spot for my container flowers and herbs to grow!

    Your newest follower!

  9. Beautiful pictures. I just love your gardens layout. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

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