Creative Week...

Linking up with Jennifer Rizzo for a Creative Week Checklist and  Weekend Wrap Up Party.
Labeled Cherry Jam.  Check!
Darling labels found here!
Front of Basement Refrigerator was transformed last summer.  Check!
Now I need to finish it by painting and attaching the beadboard to the side.
Just completed another chalkboard lamp with a lace lampshade. 
I love it! 
I started to keep this one but I ended up taking it to Feastivities.



  1. You are so creative and inspiring! I scrolled through some of your previous blog posts, so many great ideas and uses for old things. I like what you did to the fridge, and the cherry jam is so pretty! Love it!

  2. I love this fridge redo you did. Do you have a tutorial on how you refaced it? Wondering if you screw right into the fridge? I'm getting to do this to mine, I would LOVE your input!

  3. Hey Becky,

    I actually emptied and unplugged the refrigerator. I took the doors off and E6000ed the beadboard, trim, and handles on. I secured the beadboard with bungee cords as it dried in place. After investigating I eventually figured out how to get the original handles... off. Good luck. Send me a picture when you finish!

  4. Sharon,

    Adding bead board to disguise an ugly refrigerator is simply brilliant! I love it and I pinned it and tweeted it because it's such an amazing idea!





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