Hidden Treasures...

I found this old table on the curb and I thought that I could revive it.  Well after closer inspection I realized that it was in worse shape than I thought.  However, I loved the legs and I decided to take the table apart (which wasn't hard because it was one puff from falling apart) and use the legs.

I created these finials by turning the table legs upside down and gluing them to a piece of craft wood from Michaels.  I then spray painted them and distressed them.  I have these two legs on my mantle and the other two legs I painted white.  I have used them several times for different displays and events.  I strung lights in between them, pictures on string with clothespins....  I can see Christmas cards strung in between them... so many possiblities.  It all began with trash on the curb!

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  1. Love this idea! I have table legs I salvaged from an icky table, too...now I know what I'm going to do with them! Thanks. :) Found you at MMS.
    Lisa @ {createinspire}



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