floral handbags

I think I am almost through with my floral handbag phase. For those of you who know me I have to get these things out of my system. I have really been wanting to sew lately. My mother is incredible with her sewing machine. She makes slip covers, window treatments, pillows etc... Anyway, I went to my parent's house last weekend and used her sewing machine. We had so much fun making these handbags, embellished onsies , T-shirts and floral pins. Most of them are going to be donated to my church's Lord's Acre. Hopefully I will get some pictures posted of some more of our sewing masterpieces.
I think I feel a jewelry phase coming on next. I want to get my Etsy store up and running again before Christmas.

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  1. Wow Sharon!! Look at all your fall stuff, even starting in for the holidays~ I am impressed. I have been driving by Chiffionies a ton lately... I NEED to stop in. I love the acorns! I am so ready for fall too!



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