Happy Valentine's Day

What a great Valentine's Day we had today!

The only problem with the picture above is that my oldest son was at a friend's house,
so he is not in the picture. Plus, my middle son was not exactly cooperating. Ha!

I almost forgot that I had made this heart T-shirt that I am wearing (since I made it back in October).
I made lots of T-shirts back then that I forgot to post, so I will try to post those pics soon.
I bought my T-shirts at J0-Anns.
I cut my shapes out of canvas and painted them with acrylic paint.
Then I stitched around the edges of the shapes using a sewing machine.
Finally, I glued the shapes on the T-shirts with fabric glue.
I have washed them inside out and they were fine. However, I am into the frayed look.


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