"The Force"

As the mother of three boys who has lived and breathed Star Wars, I really loved this commercial (along with so many others). "The force" is very strong in our house. I will never forget when my oldest son pretended to open the automatic doors at Target with "the force." At one point my middle son turned everything into a light saber. He had a one track mind.

Top Ten Things

My Middle Son has turned into a Lightsaber!

1. a vacuum cleaner attachment

2. a broken stick of jingle bells

3. the glow stick he received at the Christmas Eve service (Although it was safer than a candle, it proved to be much more distracting.)

4. a french fry

5. a rake

6. a blue plastic baseball bat

7. any stick in any yard

8. the stick left after he finished his corn dog

9. two different color crayons and he had a real battle in his hands

10. a spatula, after he finished licking the cookie batter off



  1. What a precious picture! My son does the same thing now...either a sabre or a sword! Maybe it is genetic...my maiden name is Vader :)

  2. What an adorable post. With 3 boys I too can relate to ever present force that runs throughout our house :0) . . . along with the thousands of pieces of Legos I find in the darndest places!



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