"TOMS toppers"

For those of you who have not heard of TOMS before you can click on the priceless picture above.

I received a pair of TOMS shoes for Christmas and I was so excited because I fully support what they are about. With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a new pair to a child in need.
I don't necessarily think they are the best looking shoes , but I have to admit that they are very comfortable in addition to supporting a good cause.

Well they WERE not the best looking shoes, but they are now. Ha! I made these flowers and attached them with velcro so I can change out my "TOMS toppers." I wore them to a Super Bowl party and they started lots of great conversations about TOMS shoes and a friend gave them the clever "TOMS topppers" name.

This particular color is Ash.
Does anyone out there who has a pair think they run small?
Just curious.



  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! I actually have a couple pair of TOMS because they are such a great cause. And the TOMS topper idea....FABULOUS!!!!



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