Books, Books, Books

I just read Lisa Leonard's post on books, books, books! I love her blog!
It prompted me to post about several books that I have read and enjoyed this summer.
Let me know if you have read or do read any of them. Curious what you think...

This was a very thought-provoking book about the Holy Spirit. I have never read anything by this author before. My mother passed this book on to me and it really made me think!
I recommend it.

I loved Francis Chan's Crazy Love, so I picked this up at Half-Price books.
It did not do for me what Crazy Love did, but I enjoyed it!
It is a quick and easy read.

LOVED this book!
A dear friend's mother attends Kyle Idleman's church and she bought it for me.
Check out the website.
Highly recommend it.
I could not put it down.
Packed with scripture...

I am finishing up a Bible study that was based on this book.
My mother passed this book on to me too.
What would I do without her???
There is a study book with daily questions based on scripture and a DVD with Lysa that is available to accompany the chapter book.
I highly recommend this book and study.
very applicable
very funny
She is transparent and easy to read!
I loved it!
Couldn't pass up Francis Chan's newest book.
It just came out this month.
Very heavy topic.
He does a great job with it.
Here he is...


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