I am jumping in on the "Insta-Friday" action.LinkI actually found out about the instagram app. from this post.

This app. has become to me what angry birds is to every male in my home.

I have quickly become consumed and I find myself tuning out those around me as I play with instagram. Oh dear!

life rearranged

Here goes my first InstaFriday...

gumball machine that I took apart and spray painted white

My three precious boys trying on hamburger hats on Mackinaw Island!

Flowers that I picked as we biked around Mackinaw Island.
One of my favorite things in Feastivities. A cup and saucer bouquet. Talk about creative!!!
I love them! Ran in there to work on my space yesterday.

one dozen gorgeous roses I picked up for $9.99 at Kroger yesterday

Hoping to try this again next Friday!



  1. Hi! visiting from Life rearranged!
    Nice pictures! Love that gumball machine!

    Have a nice friday!!!

  2. Great photos, love the gumball machine! That bouquet is awesome!!

  3. I love your gumball machine. So cute!

  4. Yes, the gumball machine pic is great and I love your blog header! :-)

  5. I love that you are as obsessed with instagram as I am. I guess as long as everybody's still being fed we're doing alright aren't we! ;)



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