I sure do love taking care of these three boys, and I am really going to miss not sleeping in and hanging out with them tomorrow. The snow has melted, we are home from our Super Bowl party and I have spent far too much time on tumblr. I really still haven't quite figured it out. Between facebook, twitter, blogs, and now tumblr I'm quite confused. They all seem to link to each other as well. If anyone uses tumblr please let me know how you like and/or use it. Anyway, there are great pictures, one after another on this tumblr site entitled "Sweet and Lovely Things" where I found the Mother Teresa quote above.

Where has the time gone?

Not only do I love the ones I take care of in my HOME, but I truly love my home as well. Blogs have caused me to notice and appreciate simple things, little details, silly everyday things that went unnoticed. I have to say there was a time when I would have laughed at some of the things I find myself taking pictures of these days (a grilled cheese sandwich).
Here are some pictures of things that I love and now notice in my home.


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